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  • Simplify your financial news consumption
  • Gain market advantage over others
  • Maximise your buy/sell opportunities



Insider Membership | Silver Coins Singapore

In order to make profit with your trading, you have to buy your precious metal at a low, and sell your precious metals at a high.

But figuring out when to buy and sell is an art in itself that requires experience, knowledge and skills that will cost thousands to learn, and months to understand, and this is where many precious metal investors fall short.

Wouldn’t it be good to have some kind of alert, notification or signal to know when it’s the right time to buy and sell?

Insider’s Advantage

Yes, this is an added advantage will be the key to you gaining more from your investment than others can.

Robert Kiyosaki calls it UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. We call it INSIDERS ADVANTAGE.

Silver Coins Singapore’s team of expert fundamental and technical analysts will give YOU that UNFAIR INSIDERS ADVANTAGE!

Our experts will:

  • Scour the news to understand the forces influencing the gold and silver market
  • Analyse the technical data of the gold and silver price charts
  • Forecast the possible market direction with the data compiled
  • Deliver our content in daily reports and weekly newsletters
  • Send out alerts on changing trend signals

So that you can do one thing:



  • Daily news about or directly affecting your gold and silver investment… in LAYMAN’S TERMS, so you will know exactly what is going on in the market without having to figure out words you don’t understand
  • Market analysis on trends and possible outcomes, so that you know what could possibly happen to gold and silver prices in a certain time period
  • REAL TIME ALERTS on market changing trends signals, so that you will be among the EARLY investors, and gain MAXIMUM PROFITS from price changes
  • TIPS and TRICKS of the trade that you can learn in order to be able to create YOUR OWN MARKET CRYSTAL BALL
  • SIMPLIFIED gold and silver investment tips 
  • Members only DISCOUNTS for our bullion products and courses of UP TO 90%
  • FREE DELIVERY of bullion purchased from Silver Coins Singapore
  • Personal online consultation about your gold and silver portfolio


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