What are the Benefits of Silver and Gold for Me?

At this juncture, we often reply the question with another question, “Why not?” and see the answer we gonna get. Most of the time it will come in two forms:

1) I get MORE money investing in other things like forex, stocks, bonds, real estate etc;


2) I’m not really sure what to do after I invest in gold and silver. I mean, how long should I hold, how to sell it back etc?

 If you belong in the first category, silver and gold may not be for you. As we previously highlighted, silver and gold is not exactly and instrument to generate money (although it is still possible; we will be covering this in a later chapter of this FAQ).

However, if you belong in the latter category, you may still be interested to know more about silver/gold before making a decision. Here’s SEVEN REASONS to help you say “Yes!”:

1. Safest, most stable form of asset in ancient and modern times.

As far back as 3100 B.C., we have evidence of a gold/silver value ratio in the code of Menes, the founder of the first Egyptian dynasty. The gold/silver ratio is used as a measure of denomination, pretty much like how our money denominations works today (eg. $1 equals to 10x $0.10). This hence is a great indication of how far back gold and silver has been seen as valuable to humanity! But it was in the 550 B.C. that gold coins were invented and that is the start of gold being money. From 550 BC to 1971, we have a history spanning MORE THAN TWENTY CENTURIES worth.

Our current monetary system, on the other hand, is less than five decades. Above all, gold and silver does better than paper-type money in that it KEEPS ITS VALUE for years! It has been said that same amount of gold and silver will be able to buy you the same items five to 50 years ago (although it may not reflect that well today because of manipulation of gold and silver prices)

The Lydians are believed to be the first producers of precious metal coins ever.

Gold coins discovered during an excavation in China. Believed to be from the Han dynasty.

2. Durable, tangible and portable. In other words, PRACTICAL.

Investing in company stocks and shares doesn’t mean you can just hand it over to someone in exchange for goods. Nor can real estate be put in your pocket or buy you a car immediately. You can’t simply grab these things in case of emergency and run with them. Companies can collapse, estates can be ravaged by natural disasters and war, and all your investments can go up in smoke. Gold and silver on the other hand, through wise portfolio management, solves almost all of the above problems with other assset class. Portable, tangible, divisible and durable, they are assets that are readily accepted and exchanged. Think about it, are there any provision shop owners that would logically reject gold as payment if they truly know its authenticity? You can’t even buy something from them with currency from another country!

3. With physical gold and silver, it REALLY belongs to you and only to you

One of the most practical advice we have heard before: “If it’s not in your hands, it doesn’t belong to you, no matter what you or others say.” You don’t have full control of your CPF. You don’t have full control of the company you have a share in. And after 99 years, your HDB flat is no longer your home nor your family’s home. In other words, none of these things ever truly belong to you.

Owning silver and gold, on the other hand, means the rights of ownership has been completely transferred to you. You can hold them, keep them, throw them, sleep with them, and if you’re incredibly wealthy till your nose bleeds money, you can make your own home from them!

Cash remains a popular asset to have because of its tangibility, portability and practicality. The same can be said for gold and silver.

4. The Potential Wealth from Silver and Gold is Tremendous

When we say potential wealth, there’s a bit of a background story that needs to be explained, that’s far too complicated to be delved into at this point of time. Just remember this fact: GOLD and SILVER today is HIGHLY UNDERVALUED and that the current prices are MANIPULATED. In fact, if we look at the following facts, you will realise the great potential that silver and gold has for you:

The Secret Features and Benefits of Silver
  • There is currently less investment-grade silver available on Earth for investors to buy than there is gold. In fact, there is only enough investment-grade silver on Earth for every person to have 1/14th of an ounce or slightly more than 2 GRAMS . It is in fact THAT rare! That means, while silver is cheaper than gold today, owning silver means you have the potential to own something that will rise in price levels higher than gold tomorrow.
  • Silver is a ‘miracle metal’. It is second only to oil as the world’s most useful commodity.Aside from being money, silver has thousands of essential industrial uses. Silver is also the most electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitutes. Hence, with silver being so rare and with so many uses in the market, it is inevitable that the price of silver has no other way to go than up.
  • Silver has gone up by more 200% four times from years 1976 to 2016. That is an average of once every decade, or 20% gains every year, after each price bottoms. In fact, silver went on an insane flight between 2009 and 2012, gaining 500% in it’s market value, it still hasn’t beaten its own record of 1000% gains back in 1976 to 1980.
The Secret Features and Benefits of Gold
  • Gold is the only money that has never failed in the 5,000 year history of its use by humans.
  • Currently, there is only enough investment-grade gold available on Earth for every living person to have 1/3rd of an ounce or 10 grams.
  • Time and again throughout human history, gold has been revalued to account for all excess currency in circulation. Today, to account for all the U.S. dollars ever printed, gold would have to be revalued at USD 15,000 per ounce. So one oz of gold today has the potential to become 10 TIMES the amount you paid for it!
  • Gold is a completely private and anonymous investment that is also extremely portable.

5. No contractual obligations, limitations, minimum amount or monthly commitments to adhere to.

There are some of us who cannot get insurance because of the high-risk factor, and there are some who cannot afford to pay a monthly fee or premium because our finances simply won’t permit us to.

Simply put, tying ourselves down to a contract simply means more “bills” to take care off. What if we need the money for emergency and is unable to make the payment needed? Unfortunately, some of these investments and insurance plans with a clause that says “you need to pay us more for the bad things happening to you.”

With gold and silver, you have every control as to when and how much you are willing to set your money aside. Also, gold and silver not discriminate. Man or woman, young or old, every and any health and financial conditions, country, race, and situations can earn and keep gold and silver as an investment.

And it is this flexibility that makes us believe that gold and silver has such an importance in your financial portfolio today!

Flexibility and control remain to be amongst the top reason why people own silver and gold.

Put a lock on your uncontrollable spending by saving in gold and silver.

6. Less liquidity means harder to spend off your savings away.

The problem with saving cash? It is far too easy to spend off. You’re pretty sure you want and need some money for the future, but you need some help with your discipline. Since gold and silver isn’t exactly cash, it’s good for those who find it hard to save.

However, we know how sometimes we really need to dip into our savings because of some real emergency, and gold and silver is still easy enough to liquidate to cash.

(Did we mention that we have an ebook on how you practically have $3,000 worth of savings very easily? It’s great if you’re having some trouble acquiring emergency savings!)

Remember: Silver and Gold is like a lifetime spending voucher that does not concern itself with inflation.

At the beginning of this Silver/Gold Investment 101, we stated:

Gold and silver itself cannot be seen as a way to make because gold and silver itself does not create or provide anything.

So why do people “invest” in gold and silver?

In the financial world, gold and silver serve as a hedge instrument: a way of protecting oneself against financial loss or other financially adverse circumstances.

And sometimes you ARE able to purchase that little bit more with your gold and silver, as explained in this video:

In Chapter 3…

We look into some of the myths and mistakes of silver and gold investing.