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Maybe I’m new to this. Maybe the feeling of spending it. But whatever it is, I know having more of this will definitely keep me excited all the time I look at it. Lol!

Mohd Aidil

It’s only a few months! Thank you for introducing the (Monthly StackSavers Subscription) Programme.

Nisa Mahamood

Thanks for helping start my savings/collection. Without me realising it, it started growing. Your savings programme work!

Nurazliya Alias

Most investment presentations that we both have attended are usually draggy and long winded with full of ultra mega big chumps of word that normal people wont simply understand. BUT Yours…was EXCEPTIONAL! Very entertaining and easy to understand!!!


And we’re dedicated in simplifying the process for you!


We offer only the best selection of products and services that really serves your needs.


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There was once upon a time when we had no idea about the advantage of gold and silver.

To us, silver and gold is just part of finance. And finance and economics is “complex and confusing”. So, silver and gold is not something for us at all!

But finance is pretty much a study of money. And money equates to being rich and financially free, which is what many of us wouldn’t mind having!

So when we look back at the many books, seminars, articles and media broadcasts, we find that it’s not that we hate the subject of finance and economy, and especially silver and gold. We just hate how the subject is being presented!

Hence we decided that this is where we can help fix things up a bit.

… because our Mission: Silver and Gold, Simplified

Many felt overwhelmed by silver and gold because there’s just too many choices, too many things to understand and too much uncertainty in how things will turn out.

But the good news is, we’re here to help you!

Here, we start you off, using one of the safest assets known to man: gold and silver.

Gold and silver bullion, publications, workshops and seminars; we have them right here! (Although we personally advocate silver more. Take the journey with us, you’ll understand why).

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